Friday, April 26, 2013

Difference between WWN and WWPN?

A WWPN (world wide port name) is the unique identifier for a fibre channel port where a  WWN (world wide name) the unique identifier for the node itself.

A good example is a dual port HBA.  There will be two WWPN's (one for each port) and only a single WWN for the card itself.

It's actually the firt octet that is changing. For example the portName for my multiport Emulex card is 10000000c9592f6c. The NodeName is 2000000c9592f6c. The "1" is simply changed for "2". This is occuring for AIX Servers and Windows Servers. There is also a minor change between the portName and NodeName for my Clariion SP ports. For example portName shows 500601613021788f and NodeName for the same SP port shows 500601603021788f. The 61 changed to 60.


  1. how to find a port number through wwn in a 40 switches brocade fabric..?

    please share me the ans:

  2. Hello Lakshmi,

    Hope my below post will answer your question.

    -Lejy Philip

  3. what is the difference between wwnn and wwn ?

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